February 23, 2011

Better then expected resin cast

Okay, here it is. I'm not too sure about the thickness yet so I may end up drilling a hole in the bottom and adding more resin just to make sure it's durable.
You can see there is a lot of flashing around the edges but that was expected. There were some silicone bubbles between the legs that led to excess resin that will need to be filed down.
The biggest problem was a resin bubble that formed in the pipe wrench during the casting. It's hard to see in the picture below but there's actually a large crater in the side of the wrench making it almost hollow. I had a similar problem with part of the Rageguy cast and I filled it in okay so hopefully it won't be too big a problem.
Once I get it all cleaned up I'll find out whether or not the baby powder in the mold actually made it paintable.

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